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"Arts, Community and Anti-Loneliness"

Two of our favorite subjects - Arts & Community!

There is an astounding amount of loneliness out there in the world right now. According to a recent Gallup poll - 24% of people 15 years old and up feel very lonely or fairly lonely. Ack!! We've got to do something for each other!

As you may well know, our Wellness Lab (brilliant creators of community!!) is a proud partner with Artrageous (Internationally touring theater show) and Artrageous Artreach (non-profit education organization that focuses on the wellness of children and adults through the arts)

At each Artrageous performance and Artreach, we have the honor of offering to the communities we travel to, we try to instill that the arts are very valuable tools to live a balanced, wholistic and fulfilling life.

There is something so organic and joyful about being in a theater with a bunch of strangers and watching them transform before your eyes from strangers into a community; all through the magical sharing in the arts.

Did you know that during a live theater performance, because of the deep connection, the performers and the audience's hearts start beating in unison?!! I mean, come on! If that isn't proof of the arts being a powerful tool for transformation and creating community, I don't know what is!

Now just like any tool that you can use (bioDensity included!!) it doesn't work if you don't use it!


Here's a little (very easy and stress free!!) art project you can do at home.

All you need:

A blank sheet of paper

Black sharpie or marker

Colored pencils, markers or crayons

Or my tool of choice - watercolor paints

First start off with your black sharpie and your piece of paper.

Next, take a deep breath! There is no wrong way to do this art project. It can be quite freeing if you just relax and let go.

Put that sharpie on your page and just create shapes without lifting your sharpie from the paper. A continuous line drawing. Make the lines smooth without any jagged edges. (We are going for calm here!)

Got that far? Alright, now you're going to round off any intersections. Think bubbles! Make every intersection of lines into a soft little bubble using your sharpie.

You can leave it right here if that felt like enough but I highly recommend exploring colors that speak to you right now. Fill in each of those little bubbles with glorious color and let your spirit soar!

Bonus points if you put on some of this soothing frequency music that is constantly filling my headphones.

Here's a link to a few of my faves:

Ahhh, doesn't that feel so great?! Let's make more art and feel less lonely!


A lengthy heading for the next segment but it perfectly encapsulates the thought... facepalm emoji

I started watching this podcast called the Mel Robbins Podcast

**Cue the question "Who is Mel Robbins"--- Melanie Robbins is an American podcast host, author, motivational speaker, and former lawyer. She is known for her TEDx talk, "How to Stop Screwing Yourself Over"; and her books, The 5 Second Rule and The High 5 Habit, as well as host of The Mel Robbins Podcast. And no, she is not related to Tony Robbins.

Anyhoo, tangent averted, I started watching this podcast and I really dug her and her need for knowledge but also being so okay with asking the dumb question or not having the answer. The same day I found this podcast it got sent to me by a handful of people and I sent it to a bunch as well. I thought you might find it interesting. This is a pretty great video all around for any woman 35+ but the part about women and bone density is at the 30:33 mark. It's profound and a reeeeeal eye opener.

I hope you had a chance to try out some bone broth from last episode and maybe a little Wim Hof? I know I fell off the wagon but am making my way back to it!

Share any comments about your journey, recipes that you love and of course, we must see your scribble art if you tried it out.

Til next time!

In health and wellness (and now anti-loneliness!)

Yours truly,


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