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Research Studies

Improvements in Strength, Balance & Functional Independence

Effects of bioDensity Training and Power Plate Whole-Body Vibration on Strength, Balance and Functional Independence on Older Adults – Journal Of Aging and Physical Activity, 2016

A study on how bioDensity  improves strength, balance, and also independence for adults aged 65-90.

Osteogenic Loading correlated with Positive changes in BMD

Multiple of Body Weight Axial Bone Loading Using Novel Exercise Intervention With and Without Bisphosphonate Use For Osteogenic Adaptation.

A relationship was demonstrated between the magnitude of multiple of body weight loading with positive changes in bone mineral density

3-9x Body Weight for changes in Bone Density

Functional Bone Performance Measurement and Adaptations Using Novel Self-Applied Bone Loading Exercise

Subjects required approximately 3-9 times body weight loading to generate changes in bone mineral density.

Improvements in Cardiac Risk Profile & Functional Movement

Effects of Low Volume High-Intensity Strength Training on Bone Mineral Density and Health Fitness Factors In Osteopenic and Osteoporotic Adults

Significant improvements in the cardiac risk profile were observed, in addition to improvements in FIM scores (functional independent movement)

Safety of Osteogenic Loading

New Apparatus Provides Compression Forces On Bone Resulting in Osteoblastic Activity, 2018

A paper about how safe and effective osteogenic loading is for osteoporosis

Improvements after 12 weeks of bioDensity training

Effects of 12 Weeks of bioDensity Training on Bone Mineral Density and Lean Muscle Quantity in Healthy Osteogenic and Osteoporosis Adults.

Significant improvements were documented in diastolic BP, VO2, shuttle run, push-ups, sit-ups and hamstring flexibility, however 12 weeks was insufficient time to document changes in bone mineral density.

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