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Building a Strong Foundation: Tips from the First Edition Newsletter

Hello Wellness Fam!

We're excited to invite you to our very first edition to our Strong Foundations Newsletter where we are going to share our unique look at your health, our health and the healthy lives we can create together!

We'll explore all facets from healthy recipes to monthly challenges that we can do together to keep each other accountable!

Let 's dig in!! (metaphorically and figuratively with our first healthy recipe!!)


My favorite bone broth to make is the one from Nourishing Traditions but I kind of adapt it to my tastes. It works best in a crock pot.

1 large leek washed and coarsely chopped

1 large yellow onion chopped coarsely (remove the first layer but it's ok to leave the rest)

5 stalks of celery washed and chopped coarsely

5 carrots washed and chopped coarsely but not peeled

2 large oxtail bones (you can get great ones at Kellers!)

Chop all the veggies and put them in the crockpot

Add the oxtails and cover it all with filtered water

I like to add a splash of apple cider vinegar, salt and pepper and even a small dash of cayenne (but only if you like a little additional heat!)

Put the crockpot on slow cook low for 8 hours.

You can strain the veggies and just enjoy the broth but I like to keep them in and get every last nutrient out of them.

**Added tip

If you have a Pug (or other fur baby) they will love you forever if you accidentally drop a cooked carrot or two along with the bone once you're done with it.

I found this amazing article on the benefits of Bone Broth that you can read here but I also pulled the most important info for you below.

Top 6 Benefits of Drinking Bone Broth Every Day

  1. Improved Digestion: Bone broth’s amino acid structure and high gelatin content make it soothing and healing for the gut. Gelatin helps to soothe any fissures in your gut lining and can increase elasticity, making your internal pipes smooth and strong.

  2. Strong Bones & Joints: Whether you are recovering from an injury or want to prevent osteoporosis later in life, bone broth is here to help! Rich in glucosamine, chondroitin sulphates and other compounds, bone broth lubricates achy joints and tissues and can support regeneration.

  3. Sustained Energy: Bone broth is rich in healthy fats and other beneficial compounds. An 8 oz. mug in the morning will kick your day off right with easy-to-digest nourishment, help stabilize blood sugar and give you a healthy energy boost (unlike caffeine or sugar) that will sustain you throughout the morning.

  4. Immunity Boost: Mother knows best! Chicken soup (and other broth-based recipes) are timeless cold busters for good reason. We now know that a strong immune system begins in the gut. With its high gelatin content, bone broth supports gut health and is rich in amino acids that reduce disease-causing inflammation.

  5. Healthy Hair, Skin and Nails: Beauty from the inside out? Yes please! Bone broth contains collagen, which supports hair, skin and nail health, and it provides the amino acids needed by your body for collagen production. Collagen keeps the skin smooth and firm, and reduces wrinkles.

  6. Reduced Food Waste: When you make bone broth at home, you create an opportunity to use another part of the animal: the bones. Like so many native cultures knew, animal bones are rich in vitamins and minerals, so instead of throwing them away, re-purpose them into this nourishing elixir.

On to the next topic!


I've heard of Wim Hof and have been interested in trying his breath work program and maybe even tried it a time or two but it never really stuck... (I might have been unmotivated...) But then i found this video of a guided breathing exercise and I thought I'd give it a go! It's really fantastic and he walks you right through it step by step, which I love and I don't know about you but it makes me come back to it each morning.

So, I've been doing it for 6 weeks now, almost every morning unless there are unpreventable circumstances or frankly if I just don't have the oomph. I've noticed a lot more mental clarity after I do the exercise and it's most certainly grounding but I think I'll experiment a bit more before I give you my final testimony.

Would you care to join me?! It's only 11 minutes and we can do it together each morning before we rise. (He says not to do it if you're driving or if you have a history of seizures, respiratory problems, like asthma, stroke, high or low blood pressure)

Proponents say the technique can lead to:

  • increased energy

  • better sleep

  • reduced stress levels

  • heightened focus and determination

  • increased willpower

  • stronger immune system


Not all of these benefits are supported by scientific evidence.

Those that are include:

  • voluntary influence of the nervous system and immune system

  • anti-inflammatory effects

  • decreases in flu-like symptoms

  • increased levels of nervous system neurotransmitters

  • reductions in altitude sickness

  • improved oxygen delivery during exercise

Here's a little info on Wim Hof before you dive into the breathing technique (no, we won't make you dive into the ice bath just yet! Let's wait for at least the 5th newsletter!)

  1. Breathing Techniques Pioneer: Wim Hof is renowned for his unique breathing techniques that enable him to withstand extreme cold. By hyperventilating and then holding his breath, he can stay submerged in ice baths for extended periods without adverse effects. His approach has inspired scientific studies on the physiological impact of breath control.

  2. Record-Setting Ice Man: Known as "The Iceman," Wim Hof holds several world records for extreme cold endurance. He has run a half-marathon above the Arctic Circle, climbed Mount Everest in shorts, and submerged himself in ice baths for over an hour—all without significant physical harm.

  3. Immune System Mastery: Hof's methods have piqued scientific interest due to his apparent ability to consciously control aspects of his immune system. In controlled experiments, he has demonstrated a unique ability to suppress the body's normal inflammatory response, suggesting that his techniques could have broader health implications.

  4. Environmental Adaptation: Wim Hof’s extreme feats illustrate his ability to adapt to harsh environments through a combination of breathing exercises, cold exposure, and meditation. His ability to climb icy mountains and run across deserts in extreme temperatures with minimal clothing challenges conventional wisdom about human limitations.

  5. Health and Wellness Advocate: Beyond breaking records, Wim Hof promotes his methods as a path to better health and wellness. He believes that regular exposure to cold, combined with his breathing exercises, can improve mental clarity, boost energy levels, and even alleviate symptoms of certain illnesses. His teachings have gained a significant following, with many people adopting his techniques for physical and mental benefits.


Well, that's our first Newsletter gone to press! We hope you'll join us for more in the upcoming months and be sure to join us on Facebook and Instagram for all the upcoming events at The Wellness Lab and sign up for this bad boy so it comes straight to your inbox every month and you don't get left out in the cold! (not ice bath cold...yet)

Wishing you the very best of health til next time!

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